The Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017

From Sep 24 to 29, the 5th edition of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) took place, mainly on premisses of the University of Heidelberg. It intends to bring together laureates in mathematics and computer science with young researchers. The program roughly looks like this: during the mornings, the laureates give presentations on their field, their experience, their opinion where things are leading to, interesting research questions etc. During breaks, workshops, poster sessions, social and other events, there is plenty of room to pick up one or the aspect, e.g., from those presentations and have a fruitful discussion with some of the leading brains in the field. One of my favourite moments was a coincidental lunch time chat with Sir Michael Atiyah on a variety of topics and that variety makes it so fascinating.

Material from the HLF is available on the internet:

I could not attend all the presentations this year. But from those that I could attend, I recommend the following 3; this is an arbitrary, sobjective selection as all presentations had impressive content:

Finally, on the last day of the HLF, some laureates paid a visit to SAP. This was similar to last year’s visit with a tour through SAP’s inspiration pavillon and a demo of SAP’s digital boardroom.

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