1000 Tweets Later – My Personal Resumé of 6 Years on Twitter



I’ve joined Twitter about 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve created 1000 tweets, very cautiously in the beginning, somewhat more courageously later on. A few weeks ago, I’ve realised that the 1000th tweet was coming up and asked myself whether all of this has been valuable to me and potentially to others, at least from what I’m able to perceive.

Working in analytics, I naturally had to look at some stats on my tweets:

  • 27% are retweets,
  • 44% have “BW” in them,
  • 41% contain “HANA”,
  • 71% are related to my work,
  • 1 tweet published every 2 days,
  • 500+ users follow my tweets, meaning that I’ve gained 1 new follower every 2 tweets.

Besides publishing information, my POV or links to stuff that I find interesting, I’m using Twitter also to follow people who share my professional interests and “scan” the internet for interesting news, articles and other pieces of valuable information. It’s a kind of preselection that eases my life so that I can actually read more of the interesting stuff.

Twitter is also a good way to probe topics, to casually spread useful infos (e.g. pointing to useful OSS notes) or to simply run short discussions on articles, presentations, interesting questions that have come up etc. Interestingly, I’ve noted that more and more presenters put their Twitter handle on the title slides of presentations rather than their email address. I believe it’s for the reasons mentioned besides protecting your email inbox from being spammed.

Overall, it has been a positive experience. There is tweets that generate more new followers or retweets than others. This, in turn, provides a good sense for what’s useful to others. Even though I think I have that sense even w/o Twitter I get surprised here and there. That’s part of the fun.


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