Easily Test #BWonHANA With Your Own Scenario

OstseesteineIf you are running a BW system these days you might wonder what this hype is about around moving such a BW system on top of HANA (a) as a DBMS and (b) as complementary platform that provides additional features and functions that can be easily consumed from within BW. It has never been easier to find out! You can easily check whether BW-on-HANA solves some of your existing problems or might add value to your existing setup. All you need is

  1. BW’s SDATA tool – see here for details on how to get and how to use it,
  2. a BW-on-HANA instance, e.g. a trial instance on AWS

The SDATA tool allows you to export data and meta data (i.e. infoproviders, BW queries) from one BW system to then import it into another BW system. The latter can be a BW 7.4 on HANA instance on AWS. In that way, you can quickly get a BW-on-HANA instance with your data model and with your data. That allows you, e.g., to test query performance, to run additional functions such as HANA analysis processes or to generate HANA views that can be accessed via SQL. It is an easy way to quickly see some tangible benefits for yourself.

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