#BWonHANA: Extended Storage and Dynamic Tiering

There is a bit of confusion around the terminology of extended storage and dynamic tiering within HANA. This short blog attempts to resolve this. Details can be found in a PDF presentation attached to OSS note 1983178.

Extended Storage (Only)

This has been introduced and demo’ed in last year’s Teched in Amsterdam with a follow-up and bigger demo here. The notion of an extended table is introduced which is technically based on IQ technology. The underlying IQ server needs to be installed, updated, maintained separately from HANA. Within BW 7.4 SP5 on HANA SP7, it was possible to pilot this  mechanism, namely in the context of tables underlying the PSA and write-optimized data stores.

Dynamic Tiering

HANA’s dynamic tiering capability is planned to be shipped with SP9. In combination with BW 7.4 SP8, it substitutes the pilot  setup described above. There will still be extended tables but the separate IQ server is replaced by an ES server that is  integrated in the HANA installer, update, management, back-up and recovery mechanisms. There will be a designated node  on the HANA hardware running that ES server. This setup will be released for general availability (GA). There will be no  migration options from the pilot to the GA version. Details can be found in a PDF presentation attached to OSS note  1983178 or the online documentation.

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PS (May 2016): Please look at the updates on the dynamic tiering technology for BW-on-HANA listed in this short update blog.


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